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ArcWebDesigning SMACsmaranika.sahu@auroinfo.com25I wish if I can learn this..
harald majer freudenstadt grussharaldmajer@yahoo.de70ich freue mich dich wieder in puri zu treffen grusss harald
vitalyvitaly4774puri@ya.ru39JayJaganath Namaste Thomas.I have come back to Moscow region and now I am working and living in forest.I am sure see you again and practice.I miss you.
CHHATRIAmacsa_zen@yahoo.com40Sir,I pay my salutation to you. My humble request,Please spread this Art to the other parts of Odisha.
lipu jenalipu15@gmail.com14i like aikido
ruturajruturajmishra@rocketmail.com15i am a student of aikido i was always come to puri club to play with master.
Haridas Chandar Bhiseharish_reshma@rediffmail.com29I am also interested in aikido. I am very thankful to you for your efforts of aikido.
lincec.lince@rediffmail.com26it is good to see aikido flourishing in india
Rajeev Varghesechry_raj@yahoo.com38Wonderful and simple idea of a website. Excellent presentation of Aikido. And you teach for good! Wish you all the best, dear teacher. I studied aikido in Wien for 2yrs and am still practicing \'im kopf\'. hopefully someday I will also start a school. By the way, does Hombu give you permission to teach? just curious..Again, wonderfully presented. May aikido thrive in India.
chandrakant am also interested in aikido. I am very thankful to you for your efforts of aikido. Best Wishesh to you for your aikido future.
Tapas pattanayakmanaspttnk995@gmail.com20I personal view in this is too good .I am interested to join the class .so i contact you sir at the same place wrote in the web site
Rana Duttardutta763@gmail.com36I am sure you do not remember me but we have practised in Calcutta. I am a Hombu Dojo Shodan now. Trying to open my own dojo around New Delhi. This is my site:
Dwarika Prasad Tripathydwarikatripathy@gmail.com32Wonderful Art this is and its a real pleasure to learn it from Mr. Thomas. A perfect Guru teching with a perfect style. No doubt that all of his students are lucky.
lui kangjgopal@rediffmail.com16i met you in puri .but my doubt is that ........although aikigo is a good fighting technique but i think that is street fight you will never get somuch time ... to hold, bend, twist, fold etc. it is very difficult to fight with a karateka, martialartist etc. thanking you ...............................sorryyyyyyyyyy for commenting you.
johannes steinjohannesstein1@googlemail.com47lieber thomas, schade, da? jochens termine nicht mit unseren zusammen gepasst haben, ich w?re gern mal in deinem dach-dojo vorbeigekommen... aber vielleicht beim n?chsten mal dann. ich kann jetzt jedenfalls gut verstehen, warum du den winter lieber in indien verbringst, sch?ner kann ja kein fr?hling in deutschjland sein, wenn man vom smog mal ab sieht, hier und dort... ich hoffe euch geht es gut, jochen gehts besser, hier ist alles bestens, jochen soll mal seine mails checken, wegen der anmeldung f?r lillsved 2009 . dir einen lieben gru? und vielleicht bis bald mal. j.
Steve Tokeshitokestyle@hotmail.com35I will be arriving in Puri in early February 2009 and would like to practise aikido. Are the classes continuous throughout the year, or seasonal? Thank you!
manas sahaodhorsudhapan@yahoo.com30Do you organize any intensive Aikido workshop like say for a month?
Biswadeep have heared that in aikido knees are stresses much,as the martial artist steven seagal is suffering from bad knee pain.Also aikido requires more time to master the techniques as it looks a complex art.Also practise between uke and nage is very important,if nage neglects rythm then uke can face injuries.How can you say that it is good in real life situation or against other martial arts.
Nishi Kant appreciate the way aikido has been defined in your website. Kindly let me know who is the instructor at your Dojo? What are course fees?
Nejmaqfhjoker@yahoo.fr25Ole! not bad this website but where are we Michka, Piru ,me and all the others ??!!! to be continued... a dancer of! a warrior of light!!! YES!!! tchuss michka & Nejma
Subhrasubhrasamita_panda@yahoo.com23Want to know more about AIKIDO...
Detlef Rad?ntzdetlef.raduentz@t-online.de58lieber Thomas, habe mich mal wieder durch deine wundersch?ne seite geklickt, herzlichen glueckwunsch, sie gefaellt mir ausserordentlich gut. ich freue mich, f?r dein gelingen und deine wertvollen bemuehungen, den aiki-weg zu verbreiten. Detlef
yanivyanivgolf@hotmail.com25shalom lekulam ! haiti bepuri hodesh,lakahti aikido kama sheurim-meod meanyen... hamaster hu germani ktzat meshuga aval tzhokim ito, efshar lilmod mimeno kama dvarim lo rak beaikido-gam al hahiam..... sah hakol haya bolenat.... yaniv
Nancy Huberklingon@snafu.de29Lovely, awe-inspiring and as already mentioned, i am envious. More photos perhaps? sch?ne Gr??e aus Berlin, Nancy
Anindo's really great to know that this kind of martial art training institute is here in orissa . I from my childhood is very much intrested in martial art, but what I feel that now a days maximum institutes are giving more imphasis on BELTS and physical strength , thus deviating from the philosipy of martial art. I will request u to open this type of institute in other parts of orissa also