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The origin of aikido is found in the ancient martial arts in Japan. Master Morihei Ueshiba developed and created aikido approximately 50 years ago. Studying various kinds of martial arts, and after long periods of ascetic meditation he found the knowledge to reestablish harmony in martial arts so harmony with man and nature should be the aim. In his perception the spirit has to rule the matter and in his aikido physical powers have only less importance.

Loosely translated aikido means: "Accordance of body and spirit with the natural rules and leading into harmony."

To control and redirect aggressive powers is the aim of aikido. Through skillful evasion, and smooth fluent movements you can learn to adapt to aggressive power of an attack so the opponent looses his balance and becomes controlled. To do the right thing at the right moment is the aim of aikido.

Aikido teaches the whole body, affects the mental attitude, and promotes sensitivity, and concentration as reactions to find your own balance is the result of your practice, and helps to develop the harmony of body and mind. Aikido leads into pleasing combination with your milieu.

Man/woman of all ages can learn aikido. You are most welcome to join three classes at no cost - yes, free! Much is already gained by simply beginning.

Morning: Mon, Wed, Fri. 07:00 AM
Evening: Wed, Fri. 07:00 PM
Children: Sat, Sun. 05:00 PM

at Puri Club, near N.S.C. Bose Sq., opp. radio tower